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In today's rapidly changing business environment, where digitalization is accelerating in all fields, JAC is challenging new business models, including biometric authentication business, using its imagination and technological capabilities under its own strategy. I will do it. Today, the idea of ​​JAC is ahead of the times somewhere in the city, and it also leads the world in convenience and security.


Biometrics identification terminal / system

Non-contact high-speed fingerprint authentication device

Authentication method: Non-contact fingerprint
Main use: entry / exit management
Features: The MorphoWaveTM technology is housed in a compact body and is designed to be installed anywhere, making it suitable for connecting to office doors and gates.

High-speed face authentication device

Authentication method: face
Main use: Automatic baggage storage at airports, immigration control, automatic boarding gates, etc.
Features: A versatile product that can be used in environments that require high throughput, security and convenience. It has a walk-through function.

High-speed 2in1 (face + iris) authenticator

Authentication method: Face / Iris
Main use: Automatic baggage check-in machine at airports, immigration control, automatic boarding gates, etc.
Features: Seamless and high-speed acquisition of face and iris information at the same time enable identity recognition. The state-of-the-art iris and face recognition technology is adopted to guarantee accuracy at a high level.

Verification and automatic video analysis system
Morpho Video and Image Analytic Platform (MVI)

This system can detect and track specific persons from live and recorded images of security cameras based on facial images.