Aircraft Division

Since JAC started its business in 1952, our Aircraft Division excelled in the Japanese Aviation market and has imported more than 700 aircraft since then. In 1961, we launched the sales of helicopter turbine engines, manufactured by Safran Helicopter Engines, a French-owned company. This was the first of its kind in Japan. Currently, more than 500 turbine engines are being used by the Japanese commercial industry and Government agencies alike, such as the Ministry of Defense.

Additionally, we handle several aircraft systems, such as Garmin GPS/FMS, which are now standard equipment on some of the aircrafts and Simplex Fire Attacker Systems, which are now being installed on firefighter helicopters. We also own and operate JAC Service Center at Tokyo Heliport, which provides spare parts support 365 days a year. Through our vast experience in technology over the years, our Aircraft Division has expanded their activities to contribute to the development of the Japanese Aerospace Industry.


Aircraft Department(Aircraft and engine)

Business Jet, Turboprop, and Piston Engine Aircraft and Lycoming Reciprocating Engines

We are excited to announce that we have entered into a Representative Agreement with Embraer S.A. for the sale of Embraer Executive Jets aircraft in Japan. Founded in 1969, Embraer has emerged to be the third largest aircraft manufacture, after Boeing in the United States and Airbus in Europe, and has delivered over 8,000 aircraft through its Commercial, Defense & Security, and Executive Jet business units. With a model lineup that comprises from the light jet category (Phenom 100) to the large jet category (Lineage 1000E), Embraer Executive Jets has delivered over 1000 Business Jets to customers located in over 60 countries.

We also represent Vulcanair S.p.A. for the sale of their aircraft which ranges from the Piston Single (V1.0) to the Turboprop Twin (A-Viator) in Japan, as well as, represent Lycoming, a manufacture of reciprocating engines, in Japan, and offer after sales support according to the customer’s needs.

Phenom 300

Phenom 300

Legacy 500

Legacy 500

Lineage 1000E

Lineage 1000E

Vulcanair P68R

Vulcanair P68R

Aircraft Department(Aircraft Systems)
G5000 Integrated flight deck system

G5000 Integrated flight deck system

Garmin Avionics systems, Simplex Fire attacker, and other Aircraft systems

The safety and comfort of an aircraft largely depends upon its equipment used. As a specialized aircraft trading firm, and from the vast experience in real operation, we consult with the customer and serve low cost and high performance equipment in wide variety to satisfy various customer requirements. A few examples are Garmin MAPGPS/FMS, L3 Collision Avoidance System, Simplex Fire Attack System, and we are also pleased to respond to any of unique requirement.

We will continue offering best solutions to the customers to fly easier and safer.

Helicopter Engines Department


Nearly half of Civil and Para-public helicopters in Japan use French Safran Helicopter Engines turbine engines and currently more than 500 engines are in operation.

For safety and to maintain high operability, we are running Tokyo Support Center (TSC) and Certified Training Academy together with Safran Helicopter Engines Japan that enables prompt maintenance and real time consultation with the users. It is our commitment to make flawless operational engines available all the time for our customers and we are proud that our technical center has been operating to assist customers over a decade.

We are conducting marketing activity to increase market share of Safran Helicopter Engines in Japan.

Tokyo Heliport Center

In our Tokyo Heliport Center, we have a parts center to dispatch aircfaft parts and engines 365days/a year. In addition, we are running Tokyo Support Center(TSC)and the certified training Academy to support operators in Japan.

JAC Aerosapce Engineering Center

In July 2018, JAC Aerospace Engineering Center has obtained the certification of JIS Q 9100:2016- technically equivalent to AS9100D/EN9100:2016- : “Quality management systems - Requirements for aviation, space and defense organizations” ,

With an extensive history of successful completions on difficult projects, JAC Aerosapce Engineering Center’s extensive capability will provide Customers and Manufactures a wide range of services including:

●Engineering Services (Design, Drafting, Analysis, Substantiation Reports)

●Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft:

 ・Structural Modification and Repair (Major and Minor)

 ・Manufacture of Racks, Mounts, Structural Assemblies

 ・Permanent Installation of Customer Equipment


 ・Retrofits and Integrations

 ・Manufacture of Electrical Harness and Audio Interconnects

 ・Bench Test and Repair

 ・Type Inspection of Equipment for Japan TSO

 ・Obtaining Aircraft Radio Licenses

●Certification Services:

 ・Compliance to Japan Civil Aeronautical Law

 ・Obtaining JCAB Field Approvals and Supplemental Type Certificates

 ・Consulting JCAB Validation/Certification on Foreign CAA TC and STC

 ・Translation and JCAB Certification of Japanese Aircraft Flight Manuals

By serving to the Customer’s needs, the extensive Technical Capability of JAC Aerosapce Engineering Center strengthens the Aircraft Division’s Customer Support and After Sales Support services both at the Aircraft and with the various CAAs and manufacturers.

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