Security Policy

Japan Aerospace Corporation recognizes the importance of personal information and bearing in mind that protection of personal information is a social responsibility, strictly observes laws and internal regulations concerning personal information, appropriately acquiring, using, and administering the personal information Japan Aerospace Corporation handles.

  1. Acquisition of personal information
    Personal information will be acquired with appropriate methods, within requisite limits.
  2. Use of personal information
    The purposes for which personal information is used will be clearly delineated, its use will be limited to those purposes, and it may not be used for other purposes unless prior consent is obtained. Further, it will not be revealed or provided to third parties without justifiable cause.
  3. Appropriate administration of personal information
    Measures will be devised to appropriately administer personal information to prevent disclosure or leaks.
  4. Other
    Japan Aerospace Corporation may alter its procedures, including revising its internal regulations, to respond to revisions in laws or as otherwise required.