Aerospace Systems Division

The core competance of Aerospace Systems Division is generated by our experienced specialists, who have a broad spectrum of both knowledge and expertise in the aerospace and defense market. Through our extensive network of manufacturers, in the U.S. and Europe both, we have provided the aerospace and defense industry with our One Stop Shop Service in supplying cutting-edge components/systems.

Furthermore, we have the capability to provide ad-hoc support to our customers that cannot out-source a vendor easily. We have offices located in Tokyo, Nagoya, New York, Los Angeles and London. This allows us to respond to demands in a rapidly-changing marketplace. We proudly keep being able to contribute to the Japan National Security and Peacekeeping Operations by supplying such valued solutions and services to the aerospace and defense Industry.

SH-60K & F15


Actuation system, Fuel control system, Hydraulic control system, Various sensors such as temperature sensor, pressure sensor and chip detector, Various avionics such as CVFDR, TACAN, TCAS, Display system, and Station-Keeping Equipment, Training Systems, Air-conditioning system, Radars, and Display system for simulator

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