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Dreaming of the sky

Since 1952, our Aircraft Division has cultivated the Japanese General Aviation market and has imported more than 700 aircraft. In 1961, we launched the sales of the helicopter turbine engines, manufactured by Safran Helicopter Engines of France. This was the first of its kind in Japan. Currently, more than 500 Safran turbine engines are being used by the Japanese commercial industry and Government agencies alike, such as the Ministry of Defense.
We also handle various aircraft systems, such as Garmin GPS/FMS,DART(Simplex) Fire Attacker Systems etc. Additionally, we own and operate JAC Aerospace Engineering Center to provide engineering service and Tokyo Maintenance Center to provide logistics support 365 days a year. We provide a consistent total service including sales, after support, engineering service. Through our expertise and technical capability gained over the years, our Aircraft Division has been expanding its activities to contribute to the development of the Japanese Aerospace Industry.



Aircraft and engines

We have been importing various types of aircraft and upon customer request, we modify them at our JAC Aerospace Engineering Center before delivery. We also provide after-sales support to meet a wide range of customer needs. In addition, we sell and support Lycoming reciprocating engines.

Business jets

Aircraft systems

We handle a variety of aviation equipment, such as DART(Simplex)’s aerial firefighting equipment, EO/IR Camera, ELTA’s Search radar and Garmin’s MAPGPS/FMS which aircraft manufacturers currently categorize almost as standard equipment.

Garmin Avionics Systems G3000

Turbo-shaft helicopter engines manufactured by Safran Helicopter Engines

Nearly half of the private and government helicopters in Japan are equipped with turboshaft engines manufactured by Safran Helicopter Engines in France, and more than 500 Safran engines are operated at present. In order for customers to always operate engines with confidence, we manage the Tokyo Support Center (TSC) as the maintenance center in cooperation with Safran at Tokyo Heliport. We also conduct marketing activities to increase the market share of Safran engines engines in Japan.

Makila 2A1 manufactured by Safran Helicopter Engines